Posted on June 5, 2009.

Another creation purely to try and gain the approval of the gods that preside over the b3ta newsletter. A cheap bodge-job in PHP, but sometimes that gets the job done.

If you'd been playing the lottery every main draw since it began, with the same numbers for each draw, how much would you have won? Now, you can find out. Much like playing Suicide Lottery, the only possible reason to look this up is because you hate yourself. Enter your six numbers to find out. Prizes for four, five, and five + bonus ball are only approximate, but are scaled based on how many people won the jackpot that week, and how likely it is to get 4, 5, or 5+ bonus ball compared to the jackpot.

Poisson statistics make this only barely-educated guesswork, however, with such a small number of winners each week. Alternatively, if you hate HTML forms and love AJAX, then check out the version Ptortoise made which is much shinier.