Posted on August 18, 2009.

So, bizarrely, in two days I've been mentioned on the front page of two webcomics. The first is Dinosaur Comics which I wrote this mashup for, which Ryan North graciously linked. It seems to have been one of the more popular things I've done; I've enjoyed reading people's thoughts on it over the course of the last few days - I think my favourite was someone who announced that it was now going to be their Twitter client of choice. Someone also saw sufficient worth in it to submit it to Reddit, where it did by far the best of anything I've made. It didn't make the front page, but 26 points is a personal record. Unfortunately, it wasn't my idea, so I can't really take credit for Chris Bingham's masterstroke. I was just glad I was able to give the idea the realisation it deserved. I should also say gracious thanks to my hosters, who don't seem to have blinked after the image generating script got inlined on the front page of a site that gets 70k+ page views a day. Given that they host me for free, that's pretty impressive stuff.

The second webcomic is Real Life Comics. The author, Greg Dean, is having people submit scripts each day this week for how to continue the week-long (and non-canon) adventure. Today, he deemed my script the best. I've been reading his comic for over six years now (I think), and to see my name at the bottom of the comic is more than a little bizarre. I'm half tempted to buy a print. Of course, I now have even more of an interest in how this storyline turns out!