Posted on July 1, 2009.

So I now have fancy letters after my name as something to show for the last four year's hard work and a lot of money. Even better, I have a Ph.D. lined up doing something that I'm sure I'm really going to enjoy. But as a consequence, I'm also losing a lot. Sure, I'm going back to Cambridge for the Ph.D. but there's going to be a lot missing from Cambridge.

I've switched colleges, and while the change is something I wanted, it would have been easier to just stick with Churchill. There'd be fewer unknowns for three months from now, which would be comforting. While objectively I'm sure Clare is going to be great, my gut is unconvinced. Coupled with the fact that a lot of people I've become attached to over the last four years are going to be absent, I'm very much heading into the unknown again as I was four years ago. I managed well enough then, though, and fell into company that I've treasured since, so I should be able to cope.

This wasn't intended to be terribly sentimental. I've already done that either in person or via email (to my shame) with those that I wanted to. A lot of photos were taken after the end of exams, some of which were rather apt and there are still more to be circulated. It was the first and only post-exams / May Week period that I've had without performing with the Fire Troupe at balls, I really enjoyed myself. Without the regimen of sleeping during the day, get up, rehearse, perform, sleep again, I've had plenty of time for fun - garden parties, 5-a-side football tournaments, musicals... all the trappings. And what fun it was too. I definitely have no regrets about doing it.