Posted on April 7, 2009.

The Wii can now boot backups off of a hard drive. "Excellent", I thought to myself. "I have an iPod sitting around, and if I backed up Brawl onto it, I'd be able to play Brawl without listening to my Wii's DVD drive grinding itself away to dust". So I set about obtaining the relevant software, which refuses to format the iPod to the (bespoke) WBFS file system. Nor did the homebrew client that runs on the Wii.

My original suspicion was that it was due to the fact that iPods use SCSI over USB, but I did some reading. It turns out that many iPod hard drives use block sizes of 2048 bytes, compared to 512 bytes used by almost every other hard drive, everywhere, which the wbfs utility assumed. So a quick 'find | xargs grep'  and a compile later, I was able to format the iPod. Unfortunately, I still can't rip from the Wii, so I've been using another hard drive as an intermediary. Because the hard drive in the iPod is relatively slow, loading times are about the same as off the DVD - but no grinding. Whenever I hear it, I get flashbacks to my Dreamcast and PSO v2, with the ever-increasing loading times.

My Part III project is dragging itself along. It's just managed to stagnate over Easter, despite my efforts to the contrary. I really need to get it rolling again. The computational element taking so long to do each run doesn't really gel well with my working style, which is to sit down and just do the damned thing, but where I have six hour long enforced gaps, it's tricky to find my way back once I've set it going. I have a reasonable draft for the write-up, up to the point where results are necessary, but after that it's really just an expanse of blank. I'm back to university on Sunday, which will perhaps spur me on to action if I've not already managed to get back on the horse. Having to revise minor options for an exam later this month has hardly helped, either.

As part of my writeup procrastination, I found some interesting articles about common errors in scientific write-ups. I admit to committing some of them in the past, but I'm striving to eliminate them now.