Posted on February 20, 2009.

Yet another entry during term?!! Killing some time before going out, a quick post on some topics that have been circulating in my mind for the last few days.

  • My week five blues seem to have arrived exactly a week late. This is unsurprising, as lectures didn't start for me until week two, so they could be considered right on schedule. Unfortunately, everyone else has already conquered them, so I'm wallowing alone, somewhat.
  • My Khan Machine seems to still be going strong. Two weeks after it was in the B3ta newsletter, it now has over 3500 graphs drawn, and still seems to be drawing around 50 visitors a day, after getting around 5000 hits in the first 24 hours. Pleasingly, people thought it worth submitting to Digg and Reddit, but it didn't hit the front page on either, thankfully - I am only on free hosting, after all, and I don't think their servers would have appreciated it!
  • is absolutely staggering, especially when you see it go to work on your own crude contributions.
  • Having signed up for Twitter quite a while ago, I never used it. I've been forcing myself to (slowly) since around Christmas, and while my own contributions are comparatively infrequent, I enjoy those from the people I'm following. These are mostly celebrities of one form or another that I'm interested in for whatever reason. It's bite-sized celebrity gossip, news and banter. I think Twitteriffic is going to be hanging around on my Mac for a while.