Posted on December 8, 2008.

Three months since an entry - clearly [minus one point - Ed] another busy term in Cambridge has gone by. It's been somewhat different to previous ones; living in an actual house has proved remarkably easy to transition to. I suspect a lot of that is based on the fact that, by chance, our natural sleep cycles and lecture timetables have such a disparity that very rarely has anyone ever been caught waiting to use the bathroom in the morning.

Fortuitously, I ended up with a lecture timetable that involved lectures only three days a week; this meant that I was more willing to do things in the evening, and more enthusiastically, which I really enjoyed. Two Fire Troupe sessions a week, Churchill College Dance Club once a week (when it didn't clash with Troupe) and Pav (bien sûr) were the most regular activities I partook in. More occasional excursions included Salsa, going to see Nizlopi in London (with Jon and Kat, much to my delight) and the usual excursions to the Rainbow Cafe and, right at the end of term, a John's formal for a birthday. My last 48 hours Cambridge were, for an alarmingly coincidental combination of reasons, a bit of a downer, but did little to take the sheen of what has been a marvelous term overall.

Of course, it wasn't all fun and games. Work was pretty relentless throughout term, thought I managed to keep on top of it until the very end where - ironically - the Scholar's feast meant that I didn't get all my supervision work done for my final set of supervisions crammed into the last two weekdays I was in Cambridge. PhD applications are well under way, too - the forms for which are a challenge in themselves to fill in, with contradicting, misleading and generally unhelpful instructions. Still, at least everyone has to fill in the same forms.

The 'winterval' has arrived, bringing with it even less relaxation that usual. Part III has exams throughout the year so, five weeks today, I'll have had my first exam of the year. The January exams make up a full third of the year's mark, so I have to take them - unfortunately - pretty seriously, and do revision appropriately over the coming weeks. I've also got to get something tangible out for my Part III project whilst not going completely nutty. There are a few fun things planned for the holiday - notably an Evans Challenge Football match - and I am looking forward to them, but they are unfortunately going to have to be the exception rather than the rule this holiday, I fear.

I note, unfortunately that I've still not regained the passion I used to have for photography. I was understandably burned out after my Project365, but I was rather hoping to have regained it by now. I believe that part of it is due to my new camera which I received through the insurance company after I broke my old one. The new one is the technical equal or superior of the old one in every respect., bar one. That respect is that it makes a godawful fake shutter noise every time it is used. It's a pet peeve that I have with technology these days and, unfortunately, it seems to be becoming more prevalent. It's a lovely camera in every other respect, and it really deserves to be used more. A more gentle photography New Years' resolution, perhaps, than my 2007 one?