Posted on August 8, 2008.

I had my last day in the lab today. I've enjoyed my summer job there, but I am very much looking forward to going home - I've basically had two terms rolled into one, so I rather feel like I've earned a break. I'm headed home tomorrow, and TPJ is having another tarpaulin party which I'm being dropped off at on the way - the perfect start.

Audiophiles have long been known as having a subset of idiots, who will spend ludicrous amounts of money on anything claimed to improve the sound they think they hear. A CD stabilizer takes the biscuit though. My favourite part of the description:

To see if the stabilizer is compatible with your transport, try loading 2 disks at the same time. If it works, the mat is compatible.
Presumably, what they've left out is 'if it doesn't work, you've broken your CD player'.

Lastly, as a bowling team name, I came up with 'No split, Sherlock' this evening. Heh heh.