Posted on August 17, 2008.

It's funny how two radically different times between first and second, in the context of races, can both be so newsworthy. Between Michael Phelps getting his seventh gold of the games by a mere 100th of a second, and Usain Bolt absolutely destroying the competition in the 100m sprint by 0.2s (without even trying, and with his shoelaces undone), these games have certainly been one of extremes.

I finally saw The Dark Knight yesterday at the IMAX. Seeing a film that I wanted to see so long after it comes out - especially one so hyped - is foreign territory to me. However, a bunch of us had agreed to see it at the IMAX, so I thought I'd make the effort to see it for the first time there, dutifully avoiding all spoilers. It says a lot that coming out, after all the hype, I was not even remotely disappointed. My one reservation was who they killed (carefully avoiding spoilers for the three people who haven't seen it yet, mostly the bad guy that copped it), but I can easily forgive them that slight transgression for what was otherwise a masterclass in cinematic and dramatic entertainment.

Doubling up with The Dark Knight in London, I also went to see Avenue Q in the early evening. I've had the soundtrack for a couple of years, which I enjoy a great deal, so it was quite exciting to get to go see it live. It too lived up to my expectations, and was a relief. I had somewhat put it on a pedestal over time, but I thoroughly enjoyed the two hour show, and felt afterwards that it had been well worth my money.