Posted on August 30, 2008.

It seems like it's a bad time to be a fan of anything I like. In quick succession we've had Nizlopi announce they're not touring next year, one of the Barenaked Ladies get busted for drugs, another narrowly escape death and now Jasper Fforde, quite possibly my all time favourite author, is going to have to watch 'Lost in Austen'.

I'm not saying that it's been directly lifted with the names changed, but it bears an astonishing resemblance to the Thursday Next series. In this new TV drama, a woman who lives for reading finds herself inside 'Pride and Prejudice', where she ends up accidentally changing the story. In the first of the Thursday Next books, Thursday finds herself inside 'Jane Eyre' chasing a villain, and ends up changing the story. I intend to watch it just so that I can see how many similarities there are for myself, but as Phil has pointed out, in the future there will be people who pick up 'The Eyre Affair' and think how much of a resemblance it bears to Lost in Austen - which is perhaps the worst aspect of it all.

On a lighter note, work has continued on our ongoing Dalek Project over the last four days, and we've made a lot of progress by virtue of spending all our time at Ben's. There was a small incident with an accidental wheelie, and putting 24V through a 12V relay, but nothing that can't be repaired. It's really coming along well (and now has an eye stalk - which it didn't when those photos were taken). It's not going to have some features real Daleks have, but equally it will have some features that real Daleks don't - and by virtue of those features, will be excellent.