Posted on April 4, 2006.

So Florence and I went to see Nizlopi yesterday at Cargo in London. They were fantastic. We got there, it transpired, far too early; the relevant emails claimed that we'd be done by three, and should arrive at 1:30 and no later. We got there at one, and the show didn't even start until three. Nonetheless, we had a sit in the - surprisingly - pleasant bar until we were told that we could go in.

We had perched ourselves right next to the door in the bar, so we got in almost first, and stood front-center. There was a row of photographers in front of us to begin with but they disappeared after a couple of songs, leaving us with only two people in front of us - Nizlopi. And boy, were they good. I've been a fan of the JCB song since I first heard it, and the rest of their album is excellent. But they didn't limit themselves; they got someone in the audience on stage to sing whatever they wanted and get the crowd to parrot it back to them. They even played an absolutely beautiful (musically - surprisingly rude, lyrically) song called 'Extraordinary' in the crowd (which was brilliantly small) at the end, which is coming out as an EP in the summer, apparantly.

They went off at the end, and I ended up with their set-list that they had on stage. Unfortunately, I didn't get it signed - apparantly they hung around afterwards to sign things, but Flo and I had a train to catch. I took some photos, which are up, as always, at Flickr. Some of them came out shockingly well. Eventually, (some) of the session is going to be up at the tiscali web site, so I'm going to be keeping an eye on that.