Posted on March 31, 2006.

Yes, three months since an entry (I wasn't bored enough). Yes, another new layout (I was bored enough). I can't claim any responsibility for the layout - it's yet another one taken from Open Source Web Design, but it has been tinkered with a little (most notably, the picture at the top, which is a result of one of my long-exposure photos and then some messing in the GIMP). I do so enjoy tinkering with things - which is my excuse for the existence of this video. I needed a reason to play with iMovie, and that's the explanation that I'm sticking to. Though I am slightly alarmed by the related tags that have appeared on the video (poi, fire, spinning, juggling, peto, sex, hitting, abuse, roger and guns). I mean, fire poi is cool and exciting, but I wouldn't have said that cool and exciting. My tinkering urge was also sated with a nice little (PHP) script to take a stream, split the files into separate mp3 files and tag them correctly which I only really made because I was bored.

Another (great) term at Cambridge has gone by after a slightly rocky start - apart from anything I made the elementary mistake of not reading the instructions. This is a mistake that I have had drilled into me at every point of my life that I shouldn't make, and yet I made it on the progress test. Still, I'll not make it again (touch wood). Pav is as good as ever (only two next term though) and 'great' ideas run free. Parkour over New Hall was narrowly avoided, but so was Gen falling off a high wall onto a jeep. I do, however, fail to see any problems with our plan to buy 1003 rare-earth-metal magnets for our personal pleasure. I joined the Cambridge Fire Troupe, where I fire poied for the first time. We were going to perform at Girton Ball, but circumstance conspired against us and it fell through at (almost literally) the last minute. Hopefully we'll get to perform next term though, which will be great fun. We've got a fantastic routine. Someone hire us!

Next term is exam term which is not going to be enjoyable. Everyone seems perfectly happy about how well I'm doing (both my Supervisors and my DoS, Dave Green), so as long as I keep working I should be okay. I can still see myself gradually increasing how panicked I am until the exams though. I just don't seem to be able to stop myself.

I've also acquired two tickets to a 'Tiscali Secret Session' to see Nizlopi. I'll tell you this much: I had a heck of a time giving away the second ticket. Florence has ended up as the second ticket, and she is passing through London that day anyway, so it's quite convenient. There seems to be a bit of a debate as to what's actually happening on the day, though. Everyone (i.e. websites) seems to think that four acts are playing, each to 300 people. I, personally, don't see how they're going to enforce that if some people are only allowed to see some bands unless they drive everyone out and then re-admit people. I'll be trying to hang around afterwards / get in early to see A-Ha, though I'm not really bothered about the other people who I've never heard of. Whatever happens, it should be a bit of a laugh, and very civilised too, as it looks like I'll even be home for tea.