Posted on December 27, 2005.

How ironic. On a day that's supposed to be about celebrating the birth of a baby, it looks as if part of my inner child has died. Each previous Christmas that I have had the fortune to partake in has been preceded by a bad - no, downright rotten - night's sleep. This year, however, I woke up 15 minutes after the earliest time mutually agreed with parents for opening stockings (I feel lucky to still get stockings - Mum keeps complaining they're getting harder and harder to do. The fact that I'm legally an adult seems to count against other people getting stockings, too). Admittedly, maybe it wasn't a fair test because I deliberately didn't sleep as much as I usually do on the 23rd, but it's still a definite Despite her protests, mum did an excellent job this year. Notable inclusions in the stocking were Schott's Almanack, a set of Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy badges and a blacklight on a keyring which scores points just for being so damn cool.

As usual, after a swift breakfast we proceeded into the lounge for main presents where, it turns out, I was greeted by more DVDs than I know what to do with. Lord of the Rings Extended Trilogy Boxed set alone runs into more hours than I've seen in a single box before. Combine with that the whole of Futurama, the whole of Yes, Minister, Firefly and West Wing Season 3 and I've got a lot of TV to keep me going - an annoying amount, given how much time I don't have at the moment what with work both for and in Cambridge. Nonetheless, it looks like I'm set until next Christmas!

As usual, we then went to church for what we thought was going to be a nice Christmas service for the kids - half an hour, or just over, and packed with carols. It turned out to be a full communion service lasting considerably longer than an hour that just had Christmas tacked onto it. This didn't particularly make for an enjoyable lunch as mum picked apart the service listing the bits that she didn't approve of in detail. It did not, however detract from the day. I enjoyed some Futurama and Firefly (a series that is quickly growing in my estimation) and then in the evening the family settled down to enjoy the Doctor Who Christmas Special (which I am now glad to see came second in the ratings for the whole of Christmas Day, the BBC getting seven out of the top ten).

Boxing day was much of the same, with Florence's Party in the evening, which was an enjoyable event though naturally it left me feeling slightly drained. I didn't feel up to much today, therefore, so I settled down to read the second book by Jasper Fforde in the Thursday Next series. I've mentioned the first book in the series before and I finally got hold of the second book in the series for Christmas. I finished it merely hours - 370 pages - later, and enjoyed it immensely - if possible, more than the first one. I'm seriously glad I'm getting the next book so soon (on my birthday) because this book resolves even less than the first and I desperately need to know what happens next.

I hope that the holiday season is treating everyone as well as it is treating me and I wish you all a happy new year.