Posted on April 9, 2005.

First off, Hitachi go way up in my estimation with <a


animation describing their new Hard Drive technology. If more companies were like this - able to have a bit of fun - the world would be a much better and more entertaining place. They should make it into an advert and achieve cult status.

It's the Easter Holidays, but the end of term has been spent sorting out our yearbook entries. I'm pleased with mine, and arguably even more pleased that Einstein is getting his own page. I've even been able to get what I wanted on Ali's onto his entry, managing to overcome the fact he wasn't in school yesterday. However, the comments that everyone was writing were very 'last day' comments. While I was well aware that it was not the last day, it just made me realise even more how much I'm going to regret leaving the school.

However, school did take a slight turn for the worse yesterday. I spent about an hour (maybe 90 minutes) on Thursday night making a timetable for working in the computer room over study leave - everyone had four days work, never working on a day with an exam, and in all but two instances never working on a day before an exam. It was a work of art. I show it to Mr. Heaton, who gives it the A-OK. I print off six copies and go to distribute them, only to be told by the first Lower Sixth former that I meet that 'This is bullshit'. It turns out that he's not working over study leave. It's 11% of his revision time, and he just can't make that sacrifice, apparantly, even though everyone did it without complaint last year. He even had a note from his mum explaining the situation to Mr. Heaton. It transpired that the same applied to the other Lower Sixth helpers, none of which had bothered to tell me this fact when I asked for their exam timetables only days before when they knew what I was doing. Of course, the Upper Sixth helpers don't want to work two days a week, so we're getting fired a month early because the Lower Sixth don't want to work four days over the course of six weeks. They really get on my tits sometimes.

Finally, the Thursday Next quartet of books are - if the first is anything to go by - really great. I am going to read the last three some time, but for the meantime I'll make do with the author's website which is full of odds and ends relating to the book, and some other stuff besides.