Posted on March 13, 2005.

It was results day on Thursday and - mystifyingly - there were none of the nerves that usually go with it; probably because these modules were 'pre-takes' and so didn't actually matter if we did terribly. Thankfully, I didn't in all the subjects that I care about - I even scraped (80%) an A in the Pure Maths 3 paper which I loathed and detested and I am now sitting pretty for the summer exams. In maths, for example, I need 17% on the last paper, which should be easily achievable.

I draw your attention to the phrase "that I care about". General Studies was not so great. I got a good A on the synoptic paper, and then a C and a D on the other two. To add insult to injury, the D came in the science paper. Mysteriously, there were lots of similar results that other people had obtained and now there are rumblings of remarking the last two papers for a sizable proportion of the year. Depressingly, these results put me at six marks off an A and so I have to retake the exams come summer if the remarks don't come in my favour.

As I mentioned before, I'm undergoing some psychometric testing for Cambridge research - something about how boys and girls learn differently. I did the first half on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed it - it was just like the 11+ crossed with the Mensa test, consisting of verbal and spatial reasoning. There was only one question that I had trouble with to the extent that I couldn't answer it, but just about everyone had difficulty with it. I'll be interested to see what the second half consists of.