Posted on February 24, 2005.

Today couldn't have been much more satisfying. We finally started selling unwanted prizes on Ebay, and I managed to obtain Donkey Kong Jungle Beat from Game after being told they were out of stock on Monday. Jungle Beat is like taking the best bits of Donkey Kong Country, the 2-D Sonic games and NiGHTs, mixing them together in a Nintendo pot of goodness, and then baking for 30 minutes at awesomeness mark 5.

A bit of a cooking theme there - that's due to the fact that today, I learnt how to cook my scones which - and I don't care what anyone says - are delicious, particularly when fresh out of the oven. Finally, the new copy of New Scientist came in today - in which they deemed me worthy enough to print a letter regarding the Asteroids relating to Douglas Adams.

Disappointingly, the metric ton of snow that we were promised for today never settled, but we did get tobogganing yesterday morning before all the snow melted away.