Posted on February 12, 2005.

I went to see The History Boys last night with the school - and it was fantastic. The subject of the play is a collection of boys applying for Oxbridge from a Grammar school, which was familiar in itself, but with the addition of a Mr. Chester-esqe teacher played by Richard Griffiths I suspect our group was able to draw more parallels than many. GCSE French was worth it for the scene in French, in which the boys were roleplaying a French brothel (until the Headmaster walks in, at which point they - unsurprisingly - change) and there were one-liners abound. Very much worth it.

Arguably as good as the show itself was the performer in the Foyer. He was a splitting image of Billy Connolly and was playing - among other things - an electric Mandolin stunningly well. We considered buying a CD of his, but never got round to it. A pity.