Posted on December 24, 2004.

So, it's Christmas Eve. We cook the turkey today, so that we're not stressed out tomorrow cooking the turkey, so our first Christmas meal was this eveing. And boy, it was nice. I may die if I eat (most) real food, but damn. Just about the only thing I can't eat the 'normal' version of is the stuffing (breadcrumbs), but gluten free breadcrumbs can be used dead easily. It was lovely. My sister and I have also been convinced to only get up at 6:00 tomorrow morning, compared to the usual 5:30 start. Astonishingly, I still get amazingly excited about Christmas, so that'll be an extra 30 minutes of staring at my presents, wondering what they are. Maybe I'll surprise myself and sleep this year; I'm ill with a nasty cold and I may still be recovering from Chris' Christmas party because of it. We'll have to wait and see.

Have a good Christmas everyone!