Posted on August 9, 2004.

I've spent a lot of time at the beach the last week, which is pretty cool. Southwold was actually a pleasant temperature for once, as opposed to one of scorching hot or jaw-wrenchingly cold. I've been reading "The Elegant Universe", which is the book that spawned the three part TV series that just about everyone watched on string theory. Results in little over a week should be OK, but nothing is certain. My provisional driving license showed up in the post today, so while I won't be driving by the end of the holidays, I should have at least started.

I've now seen Spiderman 2 (which was very good) and I, Robot (less cool, but still entertaining. Maddox has a funny article about it. I saw Shrek 2 again today with the family, and spotted a few references that I missed before.