Posted on July 21, 2004.

Prizegiving on Tuesday was good - until the speaker started speaking. He told us at the start of the speech to guess which out of "Inspirational, relevant, and ten minutes long"  the speech succeeded on. I'll give you a clue - the speech lasted 25 minutes, and the message was that you don't need to be academically excellent to succeed in life. This is, of course the message you should be giving at speech day, where everyone there is one of the two best in their form overall, or is the best in their year in a specific subject. Go him.

I went to see Shrek 2 immediately after, and it is as good as everyone says it is. Of course, after seeing an excellent movie, I now get told that Spiderman 2 is even better. Even better than X2, according to Bish, who rates X2 very highly. There must be a conspiracy, or something, to extract money from me.

Today was Chris' bouncy party. It kicked ass - even counting the kneeing myself in the chin. A bouncy castle gives a whole new meaning to bulldog. It also makes it hurt more, but all is fair in bulldog and war. There was a lot of water flying around too, but I managed to avoid most of it. Supposedly pictures will be up soon, but we'll have to wait and see.

I'm fairly sure I'll be satisfied with my books (I like the author - R. A. Salvatore), and I've started reading the first, and it looks good. I should read books about Physics this summer too (to look good on UCAS). As well as learn to drive. Perhaps relaxing isn't such a good plan.