Posted on June 23, 2004.

Hoo-ray - I've finally got to the end of my exams. Maths P2 on monday (the last exam) was as bad was expected (in most people's opinions), but hopefully we shall find ourselves in UMS city come August. The university faire that we were forced to on Tuesday wasn't exceptional, although the day did perk up when five of us (Phil, Phil, Oli, Barny, me) went bowling, getting in for "Family Hour" as Oli is still only 16.

On a more regular note, today was my first full day of lessons since the start of study leave. I had forgotten how slowly lessons can go when they want to, but discussions about how free will/predestination relate to quantum physics did remind me why I enjoy school as much as I do. I also got two prizes this year - Maths and Computing, giving me a pleasant £25 to spend in a book shop. The second part of our prize? To spend an extra half-day in school while the rest of the school goes on their summer holiday.