Posted on January 29, 2004.

Like across much of the country, it snowed today, and resulted in no school. After last year, where me and a friend built an 8-foot arch when there was no school, we wanted to go one better. The result? A ten foot arch made of snow. It is truly a wonder to behold and, to be honest, it is amazing to even be upright - at several points it was leaning ominously. We took snow from all around the area, and watching people's reactions when they walk past was amusing.

The downside is that I am now totally knackered and virtually unable to move. Ah well, you have to suffer for your art. There's probably going to be school tomorrow (which is irritating, as today is my favourite day at school, which I missed for snow, and tomorrow is one of my least favourites - two hours of maths to finish on a Friday is not fun) but we can always hope that there isn't!