Posted on December 21, 2003.

I have encountered a new purpose in life. I was talking to a friend, as you do, and we came onto the topic of slinkies. Now, as we all know, slinkies are cool, and we came across the (old) idea of putting a slinky on an escalator. This is our goal - to get a slinky on an escalator, resulting in eternal slinkiness. There are several shops about that have escalators, and while it appears that is it difficult to do, we're still confidant that it could happen. If it doesn't, we're sure to have fun trying.

While on that site, I discovered a game that the person who writes the blog plays - Death Tube. Basically, when on a tube (or a bus, as I intend to play it), you decide who you would kill if you were forced to, based purely on what they are doing, or a feature they have, or similar. Should help to pass some long journeys!

It's Christmas, nearly! I'm not in the mood yet though - I don't know why; we have decorations up and so forth, but I just don't feel like its only a few days until Christmas. Maybe it's because I haven't heard Wizzard yet...