The Random Proverb Generator

B3ta asks, and so they shall receive. Canazza has also borne fruit and Littlebuddy has also made a version using Markov chains. How fancy!

Your random proverb is:

Early bird catches Rome.

Pre-emptive Questions

What is this? It's a random proverb generator, as requested by B3ta in their newsletter.

This proverb doesn't make sense! I had two choices; make a 100% accurate natural language parser, or split a whole bunch of common proverbs into two parts: a lead into a noun, and a noun. I chose the latter. As a result, some nouns don't quite match up to some of the lead-ins. There are over 2000 possible proverbs, so there should still be a lot of good ones in there among the dross.

Why the funky URL? I have a dedicated webserver, but not a domain name. Go figure. I now have a domain. Joy of joys!

Awesome. Have you done anything else as great as this? I'm somewhat affiliated with Dave Green Facts. It's pretty neat, but mostly only if you know the chap. I also made a real time map for an IRC channel I idle in (#boingboing).