The Kh(aX)n Machine

B3ta asks, and so - as they have before - they shall receive. Though I've taken the liberty of spelling Khan correctly, unlike their title in the newsletter. Bastards.

To draw a graph for Khan, for example, enter Kha*n. Case doesn't matter.

Once you put in your request and click the button, please wait.
If the graph has been drawn before, it'll be pretty fast, but otherwise it'll take a little time as it's conducting 100 Google queries. Do be patient.

Pre-emptive Questions

This axis is wrong! I know. Robin Marcus has kindly pointed out that the x axis starts at 0, when it should start at one. In addition, the log scale plots 1 at 0 (correctly) and 0 at 0 also (when it should be negative infinity. The latter was deliberate, the former less so, but there are so many graphs cached now that it'd be a shame to delete them all and regenerate them. Maybe in the future.

What is this? It's a little application to graph google queries as you increase a the number of times a letter recurs. Traditionally, this has been done with Khan (to Khaan, Khaaan, etc.) It was requested by B3ta in their newsletter.

The data doesn't agree with my own independent research This uses the Google AJAX API; it is well known that it gives pretty different results to just a web-based Google query, but Google don't seem to care. The difference of course, is that I'm allowed to throw tons of AJAX queries through the API, but not allowed to scrape the Google page lots. This is the best way to keep everyone happy - at the expense of some accuracy.

Why is this so butt-ugly? I'm a lazy man.

Awesome. Have you done anything else as great as this? I'm somewhat affiliated with Dave Green Facts. It's pretty neat, but mostly only if you know the chap.