I went to Cambridge University for a degree in Natural Sciences, specialising in Physics and taking a 1st.

I’m currently working on a PhD, still at Cambridge, to be completed in the summer of 2014. The majority of my work revolves around components of the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer, a revolutionary Optical Interferometer to be completed later this decade.


I like tinkering with things a lot - particularly computers. I have worked extensively with Python and PHP, and have a good deal of experience with C++, though still prefer to have the safety net of Google when using it. I get a weird kick out of successfully parallelising simulations or analysis during my PhD.

Out of things I work on in my free time, it is small web trinkets that do one thing very well that gain the most traction. Most notably, I was responsible for the backend of Old Spice Voicemail, which caught the attention of the advertising company behind the campaign. You can see other things that I have worked on by checking out the projects page, or my github page.

I am interested in machine learning; I have an account on Kaggle and compete in competitions that interest me in my spare time. This machine learning is something that I keep coming back to, whether it is in the form of a trading algorithm for Bitcoins, or an AI to compete in the Google-sponsored AI Challenge, both of which I have done!


As well as the developing of software described above, I also hold a love for hardware. This is why I was drawn to an instrumentation Ph.D. This has given me experience interfacing hardware to software, as well as designing experiments to test rigorous requirements of precise optics.

In my free time, I ostensibly have a number of projects on the go — I own multiple Arduinos and a Raspberry Pi to this end — but I always find it harder to find enough time for hardware projects, so they too often fall by the wayside when I do desperately want to finish them. An example of a small project I managed to complete is my arcade stick, and an example of one that has been ongoing a (very) long time is the dalek.

About the Site

Entirely based on a site written by Steve Losh, so much credit to him - I liked the sound of a static website generated by Python after taking a couple of large bandwidth spikes right on the chin, and blogging like a hacker seemed appropriate now that I’ve fallen in love with Git and Dropbox for syncing between work and home.